We are Jackie & Joe Watson and we have owned and shown Irish Wolfhounds for more than a decade.   We live in mid Northumberland between Morpeth and Alnwick, only moving here in 2000 to accommodate the hounds.  Life has moved on significantly as we now share the land with with a herd of Alpacas www.rivenherdalpacas.co.uk

We are fortunate enough to have an acre paddock in which to exercise all our dogs.

I am a member of the Irish Wolfhound Club of GB, The Irish Wolfhound Society and the Irish Wolfhound Club of Scotland.  Although we no longer show Fauves I have remained a member of the Basset Fauve de Bretagne Club.

I have been a  dog owner all my adult life.  When in 1997 we lost our old collie cross of 13 years we made the life changing decision to get an Irish Wolfhound.  

I had always liked IWs but didn't really know much about them - apart from they were BIG and very gentle.

Just to make sure this was the breed for us we decided to go to CRUFTS  and spent hours going round Discover Dogs.  The only other breed which appealed to us was the Leonberger, but the Irish Wolfhound stole my heart and we couldn't imagine life without one, or two plus a few more..

Once the decision had been made we visited one or two local breeders to see them in their home environment, one of those breeders was Jean McDonald (Hibeck) who we have remained firm friends with. She let us have our foundation bitch in 2002 - Hibeck Zam Wessell at Rivenhound.